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csr project

P.P.H.U. POLBLUME is aware of the impact of business activity on social, ethical and environmental aspects, therefore it strives to achieve a balance between the effectiveness and profitability of the organization and the public interest. For this purpose, the company implements the project “Increasing the competitiveness of Polblume through socially responsible activities” as part of the Swiss program of cooperation with new EU member states.

Target of project:
In terms of corporate social responsibility, we strive to support the company’s strategic business goals, taking into account three areas of action: environmental protection, relationship with the company’s staff and social commitment. We strive to achieve a competitive position on the market through socially responsible activities, such as: minimizing the negative impact on the environment, reducing environmental costs, increasing productivity and quality of work. Our goal is also to establish long-term relationships with stakeholders: employees, suppliers, recipients, local governments, social organizations, etc. We want our company to be perceived as a credible and solid business partner for our clients.

Scope of project:

Responsible management of an organization is based on four strategic directions:

  1. Responsible business
  2. Care for the natural
  3. environment throughout the life cycle
  4. High standard of work
  5. A good neighbor who is involved in important social matters

Project implementation schedule in 2014:

  1. Development of a CSR strategy with a map of stakeholders: Q2
  2. Environmental audit: 1st quarter
    Emas easy implementation: Q2
  3. Establishing an e-business system: Q1
  4. Conducting an analysis of training needs and creating a training program: Q2
  5. Development of a system of periodic employee appraisal: Q2
  6. Building a culture of corporate social responsibility
  7. Development of a program for sharing knowledge and experience: Q2
  8. Social communication: Q1 and Q2
  9. Development of the corporate social responsibility report: Q3

Program benefits:
As a result of the project, a new business management process will be created in terms of environmental aspects – throughout the entire life cycle. The environmental factors related to our operations will be analyzed. The research will allow for the creation of a structure inside which it is easy to see the relationships between the input and output data generated in each phase of the production or use process.

The result of the implemented tasks will be:

  • building the company’s image – as a socially responsible organization
  • reducing the company’s negative impact on the environment
  • raising employees’ awareness of environmental protection
  • strengthening employee involvement in the management of the company
  • improvement of internal communication
  • increasing the professional competences of employees
  • improving working conditions and quality
  • strengthening cooperation with the company’s environment as companies sharing knowledge and experience

Project value: 21 919,55 CHF , tj. 77 490,00 zł

More information on the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program is available on the website: